What, exactly, does “MIL-SPEC/MILSPEC” mean? Well, literally it is shorthand for “Military Specification”, and is comprised of a set of standards and rules to comply with material and finish quality that (in our case) the United States Military may use. For a vast majority of companies, that means using certain grades of stainless steel or aluminum and nothing more.

For most people in various divisions of the Armed Forces, both here in the USA and overseas, MILSPEC means “hand-me-down” or “well used”. What this means for the manufacturer of these items is that they must last long enough to be used by many people for many years!

However, we go far far beyond Military specifications (MIL-SPEC), and our items are produced by the USMC itself. That’s right! Not only are our products American made, but many are made on-base in a Marine Corps machine shop by active duty marines. The same materials, machines, finishing and quality control that goes into every component the Marine Corps produces are the exact same ones used for AirSoftSquid items!

Truly one of the most fun ways to not only support local business, but also your armed forces. Want to know more? Please feel free to email us! info@airsoftsquid.com

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