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The A.S.S. MOSFET SYSTEM (aka the MASSFET) is one of the few properly designed products on the market. Having purchased many other units and being mASSively disappointed in their design, quality, and longevity, I am utilizing my more than decade of profession in engineering to produce a proper MOSFET system for use with nearly any AEG on the market.

Normal MOSFET system claim to “increase” trigger life, but actually further harm trigger life by driving the full current of the motor through the trigger (like with no MOSFET at all) and instead drain the system through a MOSFET triggered directly by the same source as the motor.

The MASSFET utilizes a signal isolation circuit that drives a trigger current about only 0.02% of the other MOSFET systems on the market, while draining the system through a load balancing power MOSFET system with proper grounding plane, CFD tested heat dissipation, and signal protection.

Built-in fuse for added motor and MASSFET protection!


PCB made and built in America.


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